We have been in the pro audio music restoration business since 1996 and have had the unique opportunity to be involved in the recording, mixing, mastering and production of vinyl, tapes and CD’s since the late 1980’s.

The art of transferring and restoring audio has evolved immensely over the last 25 years. In the past the only options available to sound engineers consisted of proper equalization techniques and getting the source material and playback equipment as clean as possible prior to transfer. We are now able to use a combination of properly serviced and calibrated vintage equipment and sophisticated computer software combined with digital editing by hand to vastly improve the sound quality of imperfect or damaged recordings thus ensuring that music and spoken word originally recorded on slowly deteriorating and obsolete formats will be preserved for future generations.

We have the ability to transfer and digitize nearly every type of recorded sound on a wide variety of formats. We’ve restored hundreds of master recordings for artists, major record labels, institutions, religious groups and individuals, many of which have been released worldwide in both physical and digital form.

Please use the contact form below and  let us know how we can help conserve, restore and archive your valued audio recordings.  Audio Conservation Labs is available for any size project and will work within most budgets to accomplish your goals.



Audio Conservation

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