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Film Audio Restoration Services We Offer:

35mm Film Audio Restoration
16mm Film Audio Restoration
8mm Film Audio Restoration
VHS & Video Audio, Etc.

We offer film audio restoration services for all types of motion pictures. We do not currently scan film, however we are able fix and re-master film audio. For video tape, disc transfer, or photo scanning services please visit our sister website Video Conservation .

We can remove a wide variety of unwanted noise artifacts from film audio such as clipping, hiss and crackle as well as repair audio dialog level problems and muffled or poorly mixed voice recordings.

We’ve successfully restored motion picture soundtracks from as early as 1930 and our audio restoration techniques are perfect for commercial Blu-ray, streaming release or film conservation.

The goal of film audio restoration is to achieve a natural, clean, and high-quality sound that complements the visual elements of the film. We use advanced digital tools and software to carefully analyze and manipulate the audio without compromising its integrity. Audio restoration is a crucial aspect of preserving and revitalizing older films for contemporary audiences or ensuring the longevity of newly produced films.

film audio restoration


The audio samples below were transferred from 16mm film and demonstrate the amount of noise that can be removed from a nearly 90 year old motion picture soundtrack.

(The samples are Mp3 quality for faster webpage loading.)

BEFORE Audio Restoration

AFTER Audio Restoration

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