Audio Conservation

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The Basics

Digitization is the process of converting analog audio into a new digital file format which can then be safely stored on a hard drive or other digital storage medium.

Almost all types of physical audio media are susceptible to degradation due to time, environmental factors or flaws in original the manufacturing. Safely converting your records, tapes and CD’s will ensure that your audio is preserved for the future. At the same time it’s possible to improve the sound quality after transfer and actually make your material sound better than the original recording!

No we do not keep your media, everything is returned to you along with your new transfers.

We digitize all media to uncompressed AIF/AIFF  16/44.1 Khz audio files, we can transfer to different formats upon request.

All of our transfer costs can be easily seen by navigating to our “Shop” page and selecting the media type you’d like transferred. The cost is a simple per item fee. You are able to add items to your cart and view the totals before completing checkout.

The Transfer Process

We offer a simple checkout system, you can select the type of media you want transferred, the quantity and (optional) storage type for your new digital files. At checkout select the type of return shipping you desire and complete checkout. You are responsible for shipping your media to us. That’s it, the rest is up to us!

We begin the intake process and every piece of media we receive is assessed for imperfections, age or storage related damage. We then begin the transfer process and when completed carefully package and ship your original items as well as the new transfers back to you and provide tracking.

No, for security reasons we can no longer accept hard drives.

Sometimes tapes, CD’s or records are too badly damaged to restore for transfer this can be due to many conditions such as broken tape parts, or poor storage conditions. We make every attempt to rescue your media and prepare it for digital conversion and will contact you if transfer isn’t possible.

Audio restoration is not a one size fits all process. If you require audio restoration we can give you a quote after our intake & assessment.

Yes, we normally split audio from records into their respective tracks, with tapes & minidiscs we provide a straight unedited transfer. However, we are happy to split tape audio into tracks if requested at no additional charge as long as the tracks are clearly defined and there are not an abnormal amount of edits to be made. For large amounts of tape editing an additional fee may be required.

We retain transfers for 30 days for added protection of your material and can supply you with additional copies during that time.

We can convert your analog or digital audio to any lossless or lossy file format such as WAV, AIFF, FLAC, ALAC, or Mp3. You have the option of storing the new digital file on a CD or USB hard drive or we can provide a direct link to your new audio file and you can download it and store it on your computer. These options are all available from the Shop page or individual product pages.

We do not typically name files because many times it is impossible to read handwriting on the original media. We do number everything in the order it was recorded/transferred and provide scans of the material that you can reference in order to label or catalog according to your preferences.


You are responsible for shipping your media to us and can use the carrier of your choice.

Our intake process and transfer cue is done online and via the mail. Please contact us if you wish to hand deliver your material.

We offer insurance as an option when returning your media and always include tracking. Our intake location is monitored and secure. Your material will be professionally packaged for return to avoid damage. Although we rarely run into problems, with every mail carrier there is the possibility of damage or loss. It is important to package your media correctly when shipping it to us. We can offer packaging and shipping suggestions if you need help.

Payment & Refunds

We accept all major credit cards through our secure checkout. For corporations, educational and religious institutions we accept checks and wire transfers.

Yes, if your media is damaged and we are unable to transfer it we will issue a refund. There are no assessment fees, however we are not able to refund shipping charges.