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16" Transcription Record History

16″ transcription records were a type of audio disc used for broadcasting and recording purposes in the early to mid-20th century. They were larger than the more common 10″ or 12″ vinyl records used for commercial music releases, and were often made of materials like shellac or acetate.

The use of 16″ transcription records began in the 1920s and 1930s, when radio broadcasting was becoming more popular. These records were used by radio stations to record and play back programming, such as news broadcasts, live music and performances or for military, educational and government recordings. They were also used by musicians, recording & film studios for making high-quality recordings of their music.

One advantage of the 16″ transcription record was its longer playing time compared to commercial records. While commercial records typically only had enough space for one or two songs, a 16″ record could hold up to 15 minutes of audio on each side. This allowed for longer programs and performances to be recorded and broadcast.

Another advantage of 16″ transcription records was their high sound quality. They were often recorded at higher speeds than commercial records, which allowed for more detail to be captured in the recording. They were also played back on specialized equipment, which could extract a higher level of fidelity from the discs.

However, 16″ transcription records were expensive to produce and required specialized equipment to play and record. They were never sold commercially to consumers due to the fact that they were largely unplayable on most phonograph’s & record players at the time. As new technologies like magnetic tape emerged, the use of 16″ transcription records began to decline. Today, they are rare and likely one of a kind, they should be transferred as soon as possible to preserve them historically as the media is deteriorating and not improving with age.


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