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You send us your Homemade Records and we do the rest.

If you have precious family audio recordings, living letters, or home recordings on lacquer, acetate or cardboard discs we can transfer them for you!.

The best time to preserve your family history is now!

Audio Conservation can transfer, digitize and convert your Home Recording Disc lacquer records to new modern digital formats and preserve them for future generations. We have the ability to digitally transfer all sizes & varieties of homemade records in every speed ever recorded.

Homemade lacquer records are slowly deteriorating and delaminating due to age, improper storage and handling. These discs typically contain valuable one of a kind family recordings that are in danger of being permanently lost.

 You are able to order your Home Recording Disc Transfers below and if you need help identifying your records please see our Homemade Record Database.

We digitize all records to uncompressed AIF/AIFF  16/44.1K audio files, however we can transfer to nearly any professional audio format upon request at no additional charge.


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Some Of The Homemade Record Labels We've Transferred Successfully




Howard Home Recording Disc

Microlac Recording Disc

National Hollywood Recording Disc

Nelson’s Plattertag



RCA Victor Phonogram








About Homemade Or Home Recorded Records

If your record doesn’t have a major record company logo on it, has an extra hole or two in the label or it has handwritten labels chances are it’s a home recording disc. Home recording discs were popular throughout the 1940’s and early 1950’s as they enabled home users to “cut” their music or voice on a record. Machines such as the Presto K or Wilcox-Gay Recordio were not uncommon in early mid-century households. Creating a “living letter” on a homemade record for someone in service during WWII was something that was done fairly regularly although not many of these recordings survive today. If you have homemade records you should consider transferring them as soon as possible as most are rapidly deteriorating. Such records are fragile in nature and most have not been stored properly or played properly throughout the years. Furthermore it’s highly likely your homemade disc is a one of a kind recording of which there is no duplicate. Please see our Record Database page for more information to help identify your records or contact us above.


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  • We Will Log, Assess & Transfer Your Media & Contact You If There Are Any Issues.
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Julie Thomas
Julie Thomas
Sean guided me through the process of getting my grandfather’s home-recorded 78 from WWII transferred to an audio file. It sounds amazing. I had no idea anything could be done with it!! This is so meaningful to me and my family.
B E Meloy
B E Meloy
Had a 1/4" tape from 1968 digitalized by Audio Conservation. It was a personal tape message from a friend to family members while onboard DDG-851, USS Rupert. It was not stored well nor in great shape but Audio Conservation was able to restore it and provide high quality aiff files for our archives. Greatly appreciate the fast turnaround and friendly service.
Steven Gray
Steven Gray
Audio Conservation was very easy to work with. I found their website, created an account and booked a service for a pretty old 1/4" Reel tape that I wanted to have digitized; I opted for the Cloud Storage. Communication with them was always quick; I sent off the tape to them, got a confirmation, they answered my questions. I got the email with the Cloud folder, easily downloaded the files, and the original tape was returned to me. The results were better than I might have expected from such an old tape. I am very happy to recommend them.
Colin W. K.
Colin W. K.
Worth every penny!! I sent a rare German LP of Billy Joel's debut album from the early '70s to Audio Conservation a few months ago so it could get digitally restored. Sean did a magnificent job keeping his restoration work non-destructive and I genuinely couldn't be happier!
Christa Abraham Davis
Christa Abraham Davis
Audio Conservation did a wonderful job handling 80 year old home made records from around WWII. We got to hear my Great Uncle's voice who was KIA. It was such a gift to my family and especially his sister. Listening to the original and then listening to Sean's restored version was like night and day. He's a very skilled audio engineer and was able to clean up so much of the extra noise to make the voices clear. We will definitely be using Audio Conservation for any future projects!
Sherri Heckendorn
Sherri Heckendorn
It was wonderful to hear those voices again! I was taken back to a time that seems like a lifetime ago. Such a quick and easy process. I was nervous about letting those obsolete, old tapes out of my sight but I shouldn’t have been. Everything went perfectly and now I can share them with others. I am so glad I found this place!
Katherine Van Acker
Katherine Van Acker
I sent in two mini reel to reel tapes that belonged to a friend. She thought they might have audio on them of her long deceased brother who died tragically very young. I did not hold any hope. Sean did it! He said "I believe your tapes were originally recorded on a small portable rim drive reel to reel machine. Rim drive tapes are difficult to transfer because the speed is variable and constantly changing. I managed to correct the speed changes and capture the tapes correctly." I'm very pleased and highly recommend this service.
Thoughtful, patient and detailed professionalism! Audio Conservation did an amazing job restoring our vinyl recordings. Highly recommended!
I sent a couple of 8 track ADATs to Sean and he went above and beyond to overcome some weird encoding issues and get the WAVs just right. Extra time and effort wan spend without any extra fee. (and his base fee was very competitive). You can tell he's passionate about his service and it was awesome. Highly recommended.
Kevin Spear
Kevin Spear
Sean was very prompt! He reached out to make sure everything went smooth. Results of transferring ADAT tapes from the early 90s was perfect!