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You send us your Homemade Records and we do the rest.

If you have precious family audio recordings, living letters, or home recordings on lacquer, acetate or cardboard discs we can transfer them for you!.

The best time to preserve your family history is now!

Audio Conservation can transfer, digitize and convert your Home Recording Disc lacquer records to new modern digital formats and preserve them for future generations. We have the ability to digitally transfer all sizes & varieties of homemade records in every speed ever recorded.

Homemade lacquer records are slowly deteriorating and delaminating due to age, improper storage and handling. These discs typically contain valuable one of a kind family recordings that are in danger of being permanently lost.

 You are able to order your Home Recording Disc Transfers below and if you need help identifying your records please see our Homemade Record Database.

We digitize all records to uncompressed AIF/AIFF  16/44.1K audio files, however we can transfer to nearly any professional audio format upon request at no additional charge.


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Some Of The Homemade Record Labels We've Transferred Successfully




Howard Home Recording Disc

Microlac Recording Disc

National Hollywood Recording Disc

Nelson’s Plattertag



RCA Victor Phonogram








About Homemade Or Home Recorded Records

If your record doesn’t have a major record company logo on it, has an extra hole or two in the label or it has handwritten labels chances are it’s a home recording disc. Home recording discs were popular throughout the 1940’s and early 1950’s as they enabled home users to “cut” their music or voice on a record. Machines such as the Presto K or Wilcox-Gay Recordio were not uncommon in early mid-century households. Creating a “living letter” on a homemade record for someone in service during WWII was something that was done fairly regularly although not many of these recordings survive today. If you have homemade records you should consider transferring them as soon as possible as most are rapidly deteriorating. Such records are fragile in nature and most have not been stored properly or played properly throughout the years. Furthermore it’s highly likely your homemade disc is a one of a kind recording of which there is no duplicate. Please see our Record Database page for more information to help identify your records or contact us above.


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Sean restored 2 Voice O Graphs that my Grandfather recorded in 1949. I was pleasantly surprised how well the quality of the voices sounded and how quick and easy the process was. Also, very reasonably priced. I would highly recommend Audio Conservation. Thanks Sean for bringing back the sound of my Grandfather’s voice to our family!
Cathy Rodriquez
Cathy Rodriquez
Had a 1/4" tape from 1968 digitalized by Audio Conservation. It was a personal tape message from a friend to family members while onboard DDG-851, USS Rupertos. It was not stored well nor in great shape but Audio Conservation was able to restore it and provide high quality wav and aiff files for our archives. Greatly appreciate the fast turnaround and friendly service.
B E Meloy
B E Meloy
I found this service by looking online and I hit the jackpot. Sean has been very responsive and understanding of everything I needed. I found old lacquer records of my father playing in concerts from the 40s and 50s. That was a treasure I wanted to share with the family. Sean and his crew went to great lengths to give me exactly what I hoped for. I highly recommend Audio Conservation.
Kathy Bundy
Kathy Bundy
I cannot say enough about this place. Audio conservation not only could play a giant record. They cleaned up the recording, so well, I can hear every word. Highly recommended!!
michelle parkinson
michelle parkinson
Outstanding service- Had a "homemade" 78rpm disc from 1946 transferred. The restoration services were a worthwhile addition compared to transferred "as is". I would not hesitate to use Audio Conservation again.
Ken Brown
Ken Brown
I’m so happy I found this service. Really great communication and fast. They know what they’re doing! Thank you!
Marcia Ward
Marcia Ward
Very quick turnaround and good quality work. We were able to hear the original (70 year old) recording and compared it to the “cleaned up” version we received. The difference was amazing. We head a voice from a long dead relative brought back To us. My Mom’s brother sent a Christmas greeting home from his navy station. He was killed a few months later and just to hear his voice was wonderful. I could see my Mom going back in time and listening to his voice once again. She has played it over and over and shared it with friends and family. Thanks for your great work.
Stephen Smith
Stephen Smith
Submitted a 1969 reel-to-reel homemade tape for conversion to digital. The result was an excellent reproduction with outstanding sound quality. Our college pep band recorded forty minutes of music and listening to the digital version is like sitting in a room hearing ourselves playing those songs again. Thanks for helping keep those collage-day memories alive!
James Ostlind
James Ostlind
Absolutely delighted with the result! I sent Audio Conservation two 78 rpm amateur records from 1954 that hadn't been in any protective covering, and somehow they were able to retrieve, digitize, and clean them up so they could be enjoyed. Thank you! Highly recommend.
Teri Mollison
Teri Mollison