Record Digitizing Services We Offer:

12" (33 1/3 RPM) Vinyl Record Digitizing

7" (45 RPM) Vinyl & Styrene Record Digitizing

10" (78 RPM) Shellac Record Digitizing

Homemade Lacquer & Acetate Record Digitizing

Glass Records, Aluminum Records & Metal Mother Stamper Digitizing

2 & 4 Minute Cylinder Phonograph Record Digitizing

16" Transcription Record Digitizing

20" Pathé Record Digitizing

Edison Diamond Disc Record Digitizing

Edison Voicewriter Record Digitizing

We are experts in vinyl record to CD transfer and record digitizing to hard drive or cloud storage and have years of experience in the field of digital audio restoration to enhance the sound quality of your rare discs or cylinders. We can digitize nearly all types of records produced in the last 140 years including 12″ vinyl, 7″ vinyl, styrene, home made lacquers (Audiodisc Voice-O-Graph, Recordio, Wilcox-Gay, etc.) acetates, aluminum records, picture discs, 10″ shellac, 78 RPM records, glass records, 20″ Pathe records, Edison Diamond Disc and Voicewriter records & 16″ Records commonly called “transcription discs”.  Audio Conservation Labs also has the ability to transfer many varieties of antique phonograph records such as the 2 minute wax cylinder, 4 minute “Blue Amberol” celluloid cylinder & vertical or lateral cut discs in sizes ranging from 2 to 20 inches.

Our intake process begins with an inspection to look for imperfections such as warping, chips, scratches and pressing plant defects. The record is then cleaned based on the composition of the media and fragility of the disc or cylinder in order to facilitate an optimal digital transfer. Depending on the record type, we use modern or antique equipment and needles that have been properly timed, calibrated and customized to obtain the best possible sound quality from your records.

The resulting digital audio files can then be restored (according the the needs of the customer) to remove pops, clicks, crackle, hum and other common record noises. Finally the volume and channel levels are corrected and a new digital master copy is created and safely stored on a hard drive.

Please contact us below and let us know how we can help digitize your records and make them sound amazing!

vinyl record transfer service
12" (33 1/3 RPM) VINYL RECORD Transfer Service
45 rpm record transfer
7" (45 RPM) VINYL RECORD Transfer Service
78 rpm record transfer
10" (78 RPM) SHELLAC RECORD Transfer Service
2 & 4 MINUTE CYLINDER RECORD Transfer Service
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Aluminum or Glass Record Transfer Service
ALUMINUM & GLASS Record Transfer Service
transcription record transfer services
16" TRANSCRIPTION DISC Transfer Service
Pathe Record transfer
20" PATHE RECORD Transfer Service
Edison Diamond Disc transfer
EDISON DIAMOND DISC Record Transfer Service
Edison voicewriter record transfer service
EDISON VOICEWRITER Record Transfer Service


The following example is from a mid 1960’s stereo recording on 12″ vinyl in rather poor condition.

(The samples are Mp3 quality for faster web page loading)




Below is an example of a shellac 78 record in fair condition from the early 1940’s that was digitized and restored. We were able to remove most of the crackle, hiss and pops in order to get the final master sounding great. Keep in mind, the  sound quality of  early recordings is unique and certainly not sonically comparable to modern record pressings.

(The samples are Mp3 quality for faster web page loading)


10" 78 RPM Record Audio Example
(Before Restoration)


10" 78 RPM Record Audio Example
(After Restoration)


The 2 minute wax cylinder phonograph sample below is over 115 years old. Early phonograph records were recorded without electricity or microphones. It is virtually impossible with current technology to completely remove all noise and imperfections present in early phonograph record recordings. The canned, monotone and primitive sound is inherent to the format. However, as you can hear below the audio can be be greatly improved after digitizationand and safely archived from its deteriorating media.

(The samples are Mp3 quality for faster web page loading)


2 Minute Wax Cylinder Record From 1902
(Before Restoration)


2 Minute Wax Cylinder Record From 1902
(After Restoration)

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